The Camp

Stanley's Kopje enjoys the advantage of being the only elevated land in an otherwise flat open plain.  A nearby waterhole encourages game within sight of the Camp and the whole Mwanamboga area is generaly perceived to be the better game viewing area in the park. The Camp is named after the explorer Morten Stanley, who led an expedition through Mikumi National Park and right past the location of the Camp.



The 12 spacious and airy Meru-style tents generously spaced around the kopje, are each themed around the history of an Explorere or Slave Trader.  The tents are pitched on high wooden platforms with traditionally built thatched roofs which provide shade from teh sun while you sit on your verand and enjoy the game around the camp.
Each luxurious tent has it's own bathroom with solar heated running water for showering.  In front, there are large verandas with chairs and table from which to fully appreciate the views with a coffee first thing in the morning.




The main banda sits at the crest of the hill commanding fabulous 360 degree panormaric views

Built in typical Swahili style with steeply pitched roof, the dining banda surrounds a central bar, with sitting and dining areas facing north, south, east and west!

A little below this building is a shaed sitting area next to the swimming pool, from can cool o in the heat of the day, whilst continuing with game viewing from the pool's edge - no missed opportunities.




Stanley's Kopje has a tent accessible by ramp, and a spacious bathroom, but no other aids.  A shower chair can be provided.  The main facilities are a thte top of a steep hill.  There is a rock path (nt steps) up the hil land a couple of wide shallow steps into the dining room.  Staff are more than happy to help people get up the hill, or to bring food to the tent if preferred.